Breville BES920XL Review 2019 – Is The Dual Boiler Machine Worth It?

To start with, this machine is a sensational choice for the houses which host multiple parties all through the year. The commercial features of the machine which are compacted together in the elegant and small design of the machine can easily serve coffee to a lot of people at a time.

There are some features of this Breville product which can match up to your expectations if you want a multi-beverage machine which can serve coffee to a number of people at just the touch of a button.


Breville BES920XL Review 2019

Breville BES920XL Review

You have come to the right place to read a detailed Breville BES920XL review 2019.

Let’s start with some of the commercial features of this product that attract the users.

With the help of the Actively Heated Group Head,  the machine has the ability to maintain thermal stability throughout the extraction which allows the user to make another cup of coffee at a short interval. The dual boilers in which brewing takes place in one and steaming in one makes the serving quick and efficient.

Breville is known for its user-friendly features that make the work of the users quite easy and less time taking. For example, in this product, with the help of the Built-in 24 hour clock, the user can program a time at which he wants the machine to start automatically every day.


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Another user-friendly feature the machine is its LCD screen which keeps the user notified of the brew temperature and shot clock.  The infuser user low pressure to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee so that the machine can serve you sweet and creamy coffee.

Writing the Breville BES920XL review has been as easy as programming your coffee options in the machine. Yes, Guys, you can choose the number of espresso shots that you would like to have in your cup of coffee manually.


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The Auto Start Setting gives you the option to preheat the machine at a programmable time. The machine also comes with programmable volumetric control and Drop Down Swivel Foot for the ease of the users.

You must have noticed that the café serves at restaurants or coffee shops have a velvety texture in their milk. This can be done by getting the right steam pressure to draw in the air and create a number of bubbles. You can perform this function at home with the help of the Manual Steam Wand that comes with the machine to make your milk silky-smooth and use it in your cappuccino and lattes. The steam wand is powered by a dedicated boiler which makes it all the more efficient.

The machine comes with Water Hardness test strip, descale alert and LCD assisted descale procedure. The Over Pressure Valve which limits the extraction pressure is an added advantage.



All the advantages of the machine have been discussed above. We would like to recapture those features once again.

  • Manual steam wand
  • OPV instilled
  • Programmable
  • Actively heated group head
  • Built-in 24 hour clock


The thing that Breville needs to work upon is its customer service. The machine can be a bit of a power hog. Some internal parts of the machine are made up of cheap materials.

  • Poor customer service
  • Power Hog
  • Cheap materials used at some places


Wrapping UP!!!

We hope that this Breville BES920XL review was of some help to you. The machine is great for those places where a lot of people use coffee machines. The machine is user-friendly and provides the users with a variety of features.


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