Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine Review 2019

If you are reading this article, you must have already shortlisted the product from the best espresso machines under $2000.

We are happy with your decision to finalize a Breville product. This Australian based brand provides coffee fine quality café. It is known for the wide variety of features that it offers in each of its machines. The trendy designs that follow are an added advantage.

Since you have already been aware of this machine, let’s get into some details and find out some salient features that come with this machine. Here’s the Breville BES980XL review.


Breville BES980XL Review 2019

Breville BES980XL Review

You have come to the right place to read Breville BES980XL review 2019. Let’s get started, people!

Well along with a cup of espresso, your coffee machine should at least serve a cup of cappuccino or latte. Breville BES980XL  offers you to programme or customize the milk texturing and temperature so that you can make the perfect milk froth for your cappuccino and latte. You can choose to steam the milk either manually or automatically. You can also pour your Americano directly into your cup with the help of this machine.


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The machine grinds, doses and tamps your coffee at one touch without creating much mess. The dual boiler technology ensures temperature stability and steam pressure. One hidden feature about this feature is that you can brew and steam your coffee simultaneously because brewing and steaming take place in two different boilers.

The machine also has a cup warmer instilled on the top with a separate heating element of its own which allows you to have a cup of boiling hot coffee.

The machine has PID technology and can adjust the temperature between 190-205 degree F. The PID technology also reduced fluctuations that happen between the brewing thus providing amazing flavour to your coffee.

That brings me to tell you that the machine doses 19-22g of coffee to provide you with its full flavour. Isn’t that amazing?


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Refilling the water tank can be a problem with some machines, but not with this one. The capacity of the water reservoir is 84 ounce and that amount of water can make a lot many cups of coffee.

There are two ways to take out the water tanker from the machine. You can choose from any one of the following according to your convenience.

The first way is to take the tanker out entirely from the back of the machine and refill it. The other way is to get access to the panel located on top of the machine and refill the tanker from the machine.


We have already discussed some of the amazing features of the machine in the above paragraphs. I would like to brief them to you-

  • 2 ways to refill the tank.
  • 19-22g dose
  • PID technology
  • Programmable
  • One touch concept


There is only one that I don’t like about the machine. The first thing that I don’t like is the customer service of the machine. They take a lot of time to repair the machine.

  • Customer service
  • Durability


Final Words!

The machine is ideal for those who want their machine to work exactly according to them. The machine caters to all the moods of people. The automatic functioning of the machine is an advantage for those who cannot give much time to their machine. We hope that this Breville BES980XL review was helpful for you.


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